Water Healing Ceremony – Salish Seas, WA, USA

The Salish Seas off the coasts of Washington State, USA., Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada are very polluted. It is of great concern to the First Nations Tribes of these areas because of their ancient and deep relationship to these waters. Together with many many caring groups of people who live in these areas and way beyond, the Lummi Nation has initiated this ceremony to happen on April 24, 2010. It is envisioned that there will be people in countires from around the Pacific Rim and in fact from all over the world who have a concern for the state of our life force, Sacred Water, who will join this effort and as one will send out our love for Grandmother Earth and the sacred element of Water and in doing so will contribute to the healing of these waters and indeed all waterways within the body of our Sacred Grandmother Earth. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan is to be present at the Ceremony. See www.oly-wa.us/salishsea for more details.


  • vikki

    April 2, 2010

    I have been passed this link by a Native American friend and felt my vibrations rise as soon as I read this. How can those of us who can not be there in person take part and add our energies to this cleasing?

  • makere

    April 3, 2010

    Kia ora Vikki
    It is as easy as going to a body of water, a stream, river, lake, seashore or even a fountain or even have a bowl of water in your home, as long as you can touch the water. Place your intention for the healing of the waters of the Salish Seas and all waterways on our beloved planet within your prayer, wish, incantation, mantra. It is the intention that has to be pure and true that is important. Sunrise on April 24 would be a good time.
    Thank you for listening to your spirit. Spread the word.

  • Wendy Pope

    April 23, 2010

    At sunrise this Saturday the 24th a number of Denman Islanders will gather in solidarity for a water healing ceremony at Fillongley Beach where coho salmon bearing Beadnell Creek meets the Salish Sea.

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