Quality of the Books

The decision to release some of the wisdoms and teachings of the Waitaha Nation was transformative. There was much discussion as to where it would be printed etc. Because this was the first time for these teachings to be shared there was much ceremony involved with each step of the production of the books. This involved all of the staff at the printers and binders. Many sleepless nights were involved with some people sleeping beside the machines for the first stages of the printing of Song of Waitaha.
The whole books are produced here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Such was the dedication to this project. This was the first time for these stories to be shared to this extent and therefore worthy of deep ceremonial proceedures to birth the books into the World of Light in written form. Even the font was especially designed for them. The paper is the only import and that is because New Zealand does not produce paper of the quality required for books. Japan was chosen because of the quality of the paper they are renowned to produce. This paper is reputedly to last 100 years without showing signs of discolouration or deteriotation. The same paper was used for the Whispers of Waitaha.
And so Song of Waitaha: Histories of a Nation and Whispers of Waitaha:Traditions of a Nation are books of great quality physically and were produced with deep respect through ceremonials and rituals which add to their unique authenticity. Wyatt and Wilson of Christchurch were the printers.

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