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Grandmother Earth is bleeding to death

What we can do now

Turtle speaks:

“Our Mother Earth is in urgent need of immediate love and support. Her core has been breached and she is bleeding. Unchecked sulphur, oil, and toxic gases in the Gulf of Mexico are giving way to widening fissures that threaten life as we know it, on all the lands and in all the waters we love.

~ It need not be so ~

The Ancient Ones are calling on humankind to go to the waters.”

For the sake of our dear mokopuna and generations of grandchildren to come,the time is critical. And so,
Dear human kind.. All Our Relations.. Let us answer the call of the ancestors and join our hearts in intention to curtail the hemorrhage, address the underlying grief and wrong-thinking, and send love to our beloved Grandmother Earth.

THE TIME IS NOW: July 25 through 30, astrological likelihood for further breakdown of old structures such as we have seen is ripe. However, on July 12 (New Zealand time) the sun sextiles Mars, and Venus and Regulus are aligned. We experience a solar eclipse crossing through the Pacific and directly over the emotional, naval center of the earth (Rapanui / Easter Island). We exit the tunnel, which began at the lunar eclipse and Grand Cross on June 26. This will be the opportune window to avert further injury and to begin restoration of our beautiful Mother.

~ We Are Water ~

All things are alive and connected through water. Water is a conscious conduit and instantaneous transmitter of intention. Our intention is that we not go again the way of Atlantis, but
to replenish and rejoin our Mother in truth, beauty and harmony.

We call for prayer-gatherings over local waterways.
This Sunday July 11th at dawn and at dusk in preparation for the great shadow eclipse, and again gathering on Monday the 12th at the actual time of the eclipse:
(7:35am NZ time.) Go to for your local time.
Those nearby are invited to come to Waikirikiri River at White Cliffs Domain, out of Christchurch, New Zealand at 7:30am, and again at 6pm, both days.

Please share this timely intention worldwide via e-chains and websites.

And individually.. beginning immediately, with every morning and evening star.. Let us send from our hearts, messages of deeply felt apology and love, through bright Venus to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Let us re-imagine, with our hearts, her waters once again crystalline and shimmering with life and light. We need not try to understand how this will be accomplished, but envision it so, with great love. United in purpose, the will of the highest good shall become manifest. Let it be so.

In gratitude, and in service to our beloved mother Papatuanuku / Gaia
Makere, Mareikura o Waitaha (Waitaha Grandmother); Juliette Peck; Loraine Web; Rua Pick; Michelle Croft; Diane Cutler; Remy Kiehn-Lindsey; Barry Mathers.

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Sacred Relationship

A small band of Winnemem Wintu people of northern California came to our land to call their relations, the Nur/Salmon home. They sought permission from the Tangata Whenua (local tribal groups) of this area to do this, to come into our sacred land to perform their sacred ceremony. The humility of these people and the dignity and grace by which they conducted themselves was deeply moving.
Aroha atu, aroha mai is a Maori proverb which speaks of the fact that if one lives in a state of aroha, sharing, loving, giving then this will be returned many many times. And so during our time together there was much aroha flowing between our people and our very special manuhiri/visitors. Many whanau/families, hapu and iwi family and tribal groups, worked together to ensure our visitors, our relations, the Winnemem Wintu, were able to complete their ceremonies which were held over 4 days.
Their Creation stories tell of the creation of the trees, the animals, the birds, the insect, the fish and how when these beings were created, they knew what their purpose was for their time on Grandmother Earth and they immediately went about fulfilling their duties, their roles, their lives all of which was and still is to hold the balance of our beloved Grandmother Earth. However when humanity was created this was not the case. Humans were confused as to what their purpose was. They had no purpose and they had no voice. After much deliberation among the animal, bird, fish, tree and creatures great and small it was the Sacred Fish the Nur/Salmon that decided to gift humanity their voice. And so the relationship began, a dance of life, a dance of deep respect between the Nur and the Winnemem Wintu Nation. This was so for many many millenia.
With the advent of colonisation the people of the Winnemem Wintu Nation were unable to stand up for their relations the Nur.Their relationship was broken because this concept was not acknowledged or recognised in their role as guardians of their relations the Nur by the colonising people, agencies, governement. In the mid to late 1800’s the USA government gave salmon eggs from their river to the New Zealand government.The Salmon have survived in many rivers in New Zealand since.
There was a chance meeting at the United Nations between their Chief, Caleen Sisk-Franco and a New Zealand Human Rights representative also a woman, whereby Caleen was able to share this story which began the ball rolling and four years later they arrive to begin their ceremony on the full moon of March 2010 in the valley of the convergence of the great braided rivers of the Rakaia and the Wilberforce and Lake Coleridge.
The purpose was to firstly apologise to the Nur for their not speaking up for them when the eggs were taken in the 1800’s and to let them know that they always remembered them, they were never forgot and that they had come to call them home through their ancient ceremonial dances and songs.
During the four days at the site there were many sightings of the Salmon and the Eel in fact, both physically and spiritually and even the Black Bear was sighted, such was the sacredness of this epic event.When Caleen, their chief first went to the waters of the Rakaia, Tuna came to meet her and raised his head out of the water to her. Shortly afterwards Nur rose out of the water to herald their arrival. All present were humbled by this act of acknowledgement and honouring by these creatures of the waters.
Their stories tell that if the Salmon dies, the oceans will die. We have a similar story with Tuna the eel in that if the eels disappear the rivers will disappear also. So crucial are these magnificent creatures to the health of the domain of Tangaroa, to the life of the Waters. And Water is the Lifeblood of our Grandmother Earth.
The Winnemem Wintu people reminded us of our responsibility to stand up for our waterways, rivers, lakes and oceans. We need to ALL STAND TOGETHER on this. There is not a moment to lose. We need to do this for our Grandchildren. This is their legacy, they are the future kaitiaki of our beloved Grandmother Earth. We as grandparents and parents need to strive to ensure these gifts are intact and in the best possible health in order for this to happen. So much is at stake. We all need to act together for our Grandmother Earth to bring balance and harmony back to her. We can do this. Papatuanuku, Grandmother Earth needs to be our only focus.
Thank you brave and courageous people of the Winnemem Wintu for inspiring and motivating us into action, Winnemem Wintu, people of the Middle Water. Thank you for gracing our mountains, rivers, animals, birds, fish all creatures great and small, with your presence. They certainly acknowledged and honoured you. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.
Ka nui te aroha nunui ki a koutou ki ou koutou kaha ki te pupuri ki te kaupapa nunui, a Papatuanuku.
For further information about these people and their struggle for survival against overwhelming odds, please view their website:

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Quality of the Books

The decision to release some of the wisdoms and teachings of the Waitaha Nation was transformative. There was much discussion as to where it would be printed etc. Because this was the first time for these teachings to be shared there was much ceremony involved with each step of the production of the books. This involved all of the staff at the printers and binders. Many sleepless nights were involved with some people sleeping beside the machines for the first stages of the printing of Song of Waitaha.
The whole books are produced here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Such was the dedication to this project. This was the first time for these stories to be shared to this extent and therefore worthy of deep ceremonial proceedures to birth the books into the World of Light in written form. Even the font was especially designed for them. The paper is the only import and that is because New Zealand does not produce paper of the quality required for books. Japan was chosen because of the quality of the paper they are renowned to produce. This paper is reputedly to last 100 years without showing signs of discolouration or deteriotation. The same paper was used for the Whispers of Waitaha.
And so Song of Waitaha: Histories of a Nation and Whispers of Waitaha:Traditions of a Nation are books of great quality physically and were produced with deep respect through ceremonials and rituals which add to their unique authenticity. Wyatt and Wilson of Christchurch were the printers.

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Water Healing Ceremony – Salish Seas, WA, USA

The Salish Seas off the coasts of Washington State, USA., Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada are very polluted. It is of great concern to the First Nations Tribes of these areas because of their ancient and deep relationship to these waters. Together with many many caring groups of people who live in these areas and way beyond, the Lummi Nation has initiated this ceremony to happen on April 24, 2010. It is envisioned that there will be people in countires from around the Pacific Rim and in fact from all over the world who have a concern for the state of our life force, Sacred Water, who will join this effort and as one will send out our love for Grandmother Earth and the sacred element of Water and in doing so will contribute to the healing of these waters and indeed all waterways within the body of our Sacred Grandmother Earth. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan is to be present at the Ceremony. See for more details.

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Whispers of Waitaha:Traditions of a Nation wins Silver Award

Whispers of Waitaha: Traditions of a Nation won a Silver Award in the Nautilus Book Awards 2008. This is a prestigous American literary  award created by Marilyn McGuire. Many well known authors like Deepak Chopra submit their books to this event Her motto is ‘Changing the world one book at a time’.

Makere Ruka Te Korako (co author of Whispers of Waitaha and Song of Waitaha); Marilyn McGuire (founder of Nautilus Book Awards); Shawnee (assistant)

I was blessed to be able to attend the Book Expo America held in Los Angelas in May 2008 where the winners in all the categories were invited to be present for book signing opportunities. It was a whirl wind event   during which the message of  Peace was able to be conveyed to a wide international audience. It was a pleasure to meet this quietly passionate woman Marilyn McGuire and to thank her for honouring the wisdoms of the Grandmothers of Waitaha.

Makere with Paddy and Kathy Ryan Pacific Island Books, U.S. distributors of our books.

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