We are Waitaha. We are the water containers of the Creator, therefore we have been imbued with the many forms of waters containing the many gifts of all that is in the Universe.


Te tapu o te Ao kei a koe
Te tapu o te Ariki kei a koe
Te tapu o te Tamaiti kei a koe
The sacredness of the world is in you
The sacredness of nobility is in you
The sacredness of the child is in you.

…. It is spoken now as it has been in our distant past. We are always here in the Universe. For there were many water containers of many forms, of many nations. We follow Rongomaraeroa the Goddess of Peace. Waitaha is older than old.

Until now we have hidden our beginnings and all that followed, in the shadows. In this way we protected our knowledge in the silence of the schools of learning. Tuatara is the keeper of knowledge. We lead you past our ever vigilant caretaker and invite you to share the words and wisdom of our ancestors. For it has been decided it is time for our treasures to be brought into the World of Light. Haere mai, nau mai.

From the blog:

Last of Song of Waitaha.

Dear friends, Seasons greeting to all on farewelling the old and welcoming the new. And with that is this news that in fact there are few remaining copies of Song of Waitaha: Histories of a Nation, left. In fact we are down to the last 200. This means as well that the set of Song and Whispers is only possible to purchase while the Song is available. There is no vision to reprint Song in the future. Please advise others of this ...

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest literary event in the world. Each year there is a country of focus and this year it was New Zealand. Jenny Haworth of Wily Publishing, Christchurch chose 12 books specifically from Canterbury to show at this prestigous fair. With the focus on New Zealand at the Frankfurt Book Fair this has generated record breaking rights sales for New Zealand writers and publishers. And so Song of Waitaha: Histories of a Nation and Whispers ...

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