Philippines Wedding Traditions

A lot of philippines marriage traditions are generally not just about within the ring and saying “I do. ” They also include cultural customs that go beyond the essential ceremony. Through the venue that dates back to The spanish language colonialism, to the use of local tropical blooms, and even the fundamental lowering of the wedding cake, there are many different methods that Filipinos rejoice their marital life.

Cash Dance (also called dollar dance) – The first dancing tradition in most Filipino weddings is the money flow. This is created by the star of the wedding and groom and it is a way with regards to guests to have the couple money. This can be in the form of red envelopes or bit of purses filled with funds.

Veil Ceremony – This is another classic practice within a israel wedding. During the ceremony, the secondary sponsors responsible for the veil will adorn a large veil over the bride’s head and the groom’s glenohumeral joint. This is synonymous with unity and everlasting faithfulness between the two lovers.

Wire — The power cord, a common part in most philippines wedding ceremonies, is tied up around the necks of the bride and groom. This is a symbol of the endless fidelity of your couple and definitely will help them hold up against difficult times in their lives.

Rice Bread – A traditional reception food inside the Philippines is definitely sticky rice cakes. These are draped in palm leaves and get to the newlyweds with a chosen bidder, who will make an effort to give them more cash than they require.

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