“I am reading your book. It is so beautiful that I just want to lie down inside the pages and rest. I want to let the beauty and wisdom of the book infuse me. This is such a gift… to your people… and to all of us in this world”
“Two of the greatest records of ancient traditions are the books Song of the Waitaha, and Whispers of the Waitaha. Why? Because they detail the interaction between the Urukehu gods and this ancient people some 12,000 years ago, when the Waitaha still lived on Easter Island, before migrating to New Zealand. It paints a picture of what really took place in the Pacific long ago, a picture that is omitted by academia.
These rare volumes also contain the wisdom of a peace-loving people whose cooperation with nature helped steer them through many changes, an example that is certainly useful for today’s rudderless societies. And there’s so much more.
These volumes served as a foundation for my own book, The Missing Lands, which details the parallel civilization of gods who lived alongside us, using the testimonies of ancient people and their experience of a forgotten world.
I totally recommend adding these books to your library, you will not be disappointed. And you will be supporting the Waitaha directly, which is much appreciated.”
Freddy Silva

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